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The Master Bathroom

  • Thursday, 06 November 2014 10:30
  • Written by  J. Kelly
Master Bathroom Master Bathroom

No longer just utilitarian in nature, the master bathroom has become a focal point in new home designs. Today's bathrooms can be a place of luxury and convenience, serenity and elegance. In fact, many homes are now designed with a master bath equal to the size of the master suite. They’ve certainly come a long way from a rustic privy behind the home.

Hotels in America were the first to have indoor plumbing. According to the, in 1829, the brilliant young architect, 26-year-old Isaiah Rogers, sent ripples of awe throughout the country with his innovative Tremont Hotel in Boston. It was the first hotel to have indoor plumbing and became the prototype of a modern, first - class American hotel.

Not surprisingly the trend in master baths in 2014 is to hotel style. The bathrooms of first-class hotels are defined by their luxury, style and quiet elegance. Double sinks, fabulous walk-in showers, fine finishes such as granite countertops, unique tile, and elegantly distressed cabinetry lend hotel appeal to today’s elegant master. And, don’t forget the big, fluffy monogrammed towels!

Ask your architectural designer about the many exciting options available for your master bath and be sure to review the top bath trends. Consider incorporating built-in audio systems, chromatherapy (choosing mood-enhancing colors), tub-side refrigeration, fully “tricked-out” showers, soaking tubs for two, water saving fixtures, hands free faucets, seamless looks including concealed commodes and nature inspired tiles including bamboo and metal. The emphasis is on energy savings as well as design value.

Let’s say your home design includes a 12’ x 13’ master bath. That gives you lots of room to incorporate architectural elements, such as bay windows or French doors, to serve as a dramatic backdrop to a freestanding bathtub.  You’ll find colored tubs taking the place of white in many homes, adding a dramatic punctuation mark to the room. Think how smart a black tub would look in a black and white bathroom.

You can place vanities on opposite walls to give everyone their own space without bumping elbows. If you have a long wall for a spacious vanity, consider lowering a 24-inch section of the countertop to create a dedicated makeup station. Leave space below the countertop open to store a stool or chair so you can sit while grooming.

A walk-in shower with a space for drying off keeps water contained in one area and reduces wet floors throughout the rest of the bath. A separate toilet area improves privacy and offers an out-of-the-way spot to store bathroom essentials.

Bathroom sinks are no longer one size fits all and add design elements to the master bath. Whether it's round or square, small or under mount, bathroom sinks now come in all shapes and sizes to fit your style. Vessel sinks add elegance and artistry, console sinks are compact and provide storage area, wall mounted sinks add drama and can accommodate people of any height.

Toilets have also joined the ranks of design elements as well as offering improved water-saving function. Consider touchless technology for the home. Or choose a wall hung design which saves space and offers dual flush functionality.  You’ll also find toilet/bidet combinations. Rather than stark white you can now select a hint of color or a bold splash of grey in Kohler’s ice grey collection.The possibilities are endless.

Building a new home can cost between $80 to $120 per square foot, or more depending on the location. Bathroom remodeling can cost upward of $20,000 especially if you have to move walls. While the master bath is the second most important space in the home, next to the kitchen, plan and choose carefully. Work with your home designer to be sure the room layout and your fixture choices will continue to meet your needs and have longevity over the life of your home. Trends are just that and can soon become out of date.


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