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Custom House Plan Design

Please allow me to introduce myself...
My name is Frank Dollar, owner of GFD Architectural Design (GFD). If you’re browsing this site, chances are you’re thinking about building a new home and you’re looking for the right designer to help you through the process. If you choose my services, I personally guarantee that I will do all I can to capture your dreams and desires for your new home on paper;  and bring them  to life  in a clear and concise, professionally prepared  set of custom  house plans.

Part of the GFD difference is that we don’t take a “cookie cutter” approach. We design homes based on each client’s needs and wants. Unlike some design firms, we don’t customize off the shelf home designs or re-cycled plans from another client. Your home will be uniquely yours. Do my services cost more? I’m  prepared to work within your budget. And, having personally built many custom homes in my career as a contractor and master home builder I offer clients the benefits of hands-on experience on the job site. It sets me apart from other home designers and architects who have never actually built a house and I know what it takes to create house plans that not only look good on paper but are "designed to be built".  This can result in thousands of dollars saved.

As the home building industry has changed, GFD has kept pace through continuing industry-related education. With the rapidly changing variables in today’s residential and commercial construction fields it is probably the most important time we spend. We also maintain a current, up-to-date technology base including building codes, materials specifications and construction means, methods and applications. We strive to offer each client the most affordable, modern, innovative and cost saving construction techniques and concepts available today. From energy savings to savings per square foot on construction costs we know how to get you what you want and need in your house plans and much more! The end result is a better built home and thousands of dollars saved on bottom line costs,

If I seem like a good fit for your building plans, please give me a call, at 706-348-7020. I’d like to talk with you and there’s no obligation or hype whatsoever.

Thank You!