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House Design Consulting Services

We are happy to offer affordable project specific construction consulting by the hour. As I have designed and built many houses in my career I feel qualified to offer my knowledge and expertise to you as it relates to your construction project needs. As we work with allot of owner builders or clients that are going to be heavily involved in the construction of their new home we find this to be a very valuable helpful service. I have enjoyed working beyond the house plan design phase with many of our customers and find it not only appreciated but highly rewarding for me.

Construction and House Design Consulting Services by the Hour:
Charge for this service are by the hour with a one hour minimum. This way you only pay for what you need and nothing more. Rates vary depending on the issue but are based on a $50.00 per hour average. This service is fast and very simple to get set up. Feel free to call if I can be of help. In addition to consulting we are happy to do house plan design work by the hour. If you have a current house plan design that you want to revise or bring up to current codes we can work on your exisitng house plans by the hour and provide an estimate time to complete in writng.

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One On One Service

We offer a Simple, Easy One on One custom home design system that has been developed over the years to insure you get the house design you want in a professional and affordable set of house plans.