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How To Read House Plans

  • Thursday, 06 October 2011 19:12
  • Written by  Frank Dollar

As a home designer I have searched the internet several times for a good website that my clients could use to learn the basics of Blueprint Reading. I feel an obligation to help them with this because after all I am being paid to create their house plans / blueprints and they certainly should know how to read them correctly. I have been truly disappointed by what I found on the internet regarding this topic as well as in some bookstores. It seems that it is a hot topic that a ton of internet stock house plan sellers use to draw traffic to their sites. If you want to confirm this type "How To read Blueprints" into Google and look at any of the top 20 sites that show up. There are even a few Architects using this ploy to do the same thing which says allot about their concerns for their customers needs. None of them tell you anything worth reading because it is not about helping you with your needs it is all about their marketing their service to you. I guess I am doing the same thing with the exception that I am actually showing you how to find what you are looking for. Let us be realistic, it is a huge amount of information to create and post so a good well written book is the way to go.

As stated above, I believe that it is part of my obligation to help my clients not only get a good house plan but also to help them by sharing knowledge that I have gained as well as make it easy for them to find other sources of good information. I set up an associates account with Amazon for this very reason and I have spent allot of my time and money setting it up and making sure that what I sell there is a good quality product worth my clients money.

Below are four books that I picked and have read that will give you all of the information you need on how to read blueprints. They will give you allot more than all of the top sites in Google and more than I could put here in my site for you to use. I have allot more related books in my Amazon Store.

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