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The use of three dimensional drawings or renderings is a great asset in the design of a new home. One of the challenges I run into quite often is working through the elevations or exterior views of the house with my customers. Many times my clients find it difficult to look at a typical 2D or Two Dimensional drawing and visualize the depth of field or full perspective. The answer is the use of 3D Renderings to give them a much more completed picture that allows them to better understand and see the full perspective view of the home design.

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Using different textures is a great way to accent and enhance the exterior of your home. It seems that the day of the all brick or all siding house has gone to the minority and the newer multi textured exterior is now the preference of many builders and is directly driven by the consumers demand for it. All of my builder clients that concentrate mainly on spec homes are doing it now. Large home small home formal or rustic it seems to be the norm today. The same with my non-professional clients also. Even a simple ranch will have at least two different complimenting exterior materials creating textures, most will have three or more. Brick, Stone, Stucco, Horizontal Siding, Vertical Siding and even Cedar Shakes all used to bring the front façade to a stunning and interesting piece of eye candy and I for one approve.

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Getting the Most from Your Design

I have to say that in my more than Thirty years involved in the residential construction industry I have enjoyed these last years as a custom house plan designer the most. Working as a home designer has been both fun and challenging and has taught me more than I could have imagined when I first started out. The role of house designer is varied and challenging at every new custom house project. I think this is what I enjoy the most as each home is different as well as each client is unique. Having done designs now in 42 States across the country I have been exposed to many challenging designs and design criteria’s which has forced me to constantly learn and expand my knowledge base. Also because I try to take an interest in my customers experience after the house plans are completed I have had the chance to work with a large number of builders and tradesmen all over the country and have learned volumes from them as well as made many new friends.

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