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Lanai, Patio, Veranda or Porch

  • Sunday, 14 September 2014 11:45
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What sets them apart from each other?

Outdoor living has gained tremendous popularity and outdoor living spaces are increasingly being included in the house plan design and construction of the home. The choices include a lanai, patio, veranda or porch.  So many times you find these terms used interchangeably but they have distinct characteristics and purposes. What sets them apart?

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I’m on the second story deck of my Georgia home, it’s a sunny day and the strains of Otis Redding’s famous classic “Sitting on the dock of the bay” keep running through my head. “Sittin’ in the morning sun, I’ll be sittin’ when the evening comes”. So true!

The deck is my year ‘round connection to nature. It brings the outdoors in, gives me a cozy, private spot to read and relax and extends my indoor living space when entertaining.

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According to, a Man Cave is a room, space, corner or area of a dwelling that is specifically reserved for a male person to be in a solitary condition, away from the rest of the household in order to work, play, and involve himself in certain hobbies, activities without interruption. This area is usually decorated by the male that uses it without interference from any female influence.

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